• Once enough of the same card has been collected, moves can be upgraded in order to make moves stronger, better and/ or faster.
    • Moves can be collected through opening crates.
    • The # of moves required for an upgrade to take place can be found on the bottom of the move icon within the Dojo!
      • The higher the level of a move, the more cards required to upgrade.
        • The cost of move upgrades increases alongside a move's level.
  • Every move within the game can be upgraded.
  • Each move is limited to 10 upgrades.
    • In order to upgrade a move, you must select the move you wish to upgrade within the Dojo - toggling an “Info” and “Upgrade” button set.
      • Selecting “Info” displays more information on the selected move including the damage/ cast time/ cooldown statistics of the move within it’s current upgrade perimeters.
  • Once purchased, users cannot refund nor remove move upgrades.
  • A move must be unlocked before it can be upgraded.

Obtaining Move Duplicates

Screen Shot 2016-12-20 at 12.48.58

This user has 10 upgrade cards, the card requires 2 to be upgraded.

How to Obtain Duplicates

  • There is currently only 1 way to gain moves.
    • Moves can be gained through opening crates unlocked throughout the game, or purchased through the in game shop.
      • Move duplicates are essentially moves which can be used to upgrade a base move into an amplified, statistically superior version of the move.

Screen Shot 2016-12-20 at 14.27.46

One the move has been selected, the upgrade option becomes available.

What Happens Once a Move is Fully Upgraded?

  • If you have already upgraded a move to its maximum (level 10), you will instead receive gold in your crate as a replacement.
    • The amount of gold received for duplications is entirely dependant on the moves rarity.
  • The player does not have any control whether they get gold for getting move XP; the gold automatically replaced the move upon being drawn for the chest.