• Tournaments have their own form of rewards in the shape of tournament and runner up crates.
    • On occasion, tournament & runners up crates may include exclusive, limited edition cosmetics and permanent unlocks which will be unavailable once the tournament is over.
    • Tournament & runners up chests cannot be purchased, traded or sold.
      • Tournament crates are rewarded to the top player within the tournament.
      • Runners up crates are rewarded for position 2 and 3 within a tournament.

Official Tournaments

  • As well as custom, player controlled tournaments, Gumbug will also hold seasonal/ event specific tournaments.
    • Gumbug tournaments will reward players with much rarer and exclusive items than found elsewhere, though it will often require much, much higher player skill.
  • Official tournaments will be advertised via social media prior to the event (Facebook, Twitter, Forum) and livestreamed on broadcasting platforms (Twitch, Mobcrush, Youtube).

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