Overview Edit

  • Projectiles are character moves which require the character to throw an object/ spell (projectile) in order to complete the move.
    • Projectiles are easily interruptible/ defendable, however, they are quick to use and deal a large amount of damage.

Move List Edit

Icon Move Name Description Cooldown How to Obtain Rarity
Card fireball
Fireball Send a flaming projectile spiralling rapidly towards your opponent! Short Unlocked after tutorial competition.
Card jumpingfireball
Jumping Fireball Launch yourself into the sky and hurl a flaming fireball at your opponent! Medium Obtained within crates.
Card bot mortar
MortarBot Once activated, MortarBot will target any enemies and shoot bursts of fire at them for a short time period! Obtained within crates.
Card hook
Hook Shoot your opponent with the grapple hook and pull them directly in front of you! Medium Obtained within crates.

Trivia Edit

  • There are multiple other projectiles such as Mia's Dart and Mars' Grenade, however, these moves are class specific and cannot be used by other characters.

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