• When a player first completes the tutorial, the player account created will be awarded with a player level.
  • Levelling is a very important method of player progression within the game - players will be rewarded for gaining these levels.
    • With each player level gained, the user gains a permanent small chunk of extra HP (health)!
    • Player levelling is separate from player rank.
  • Any player XP received through combat and/ or other means is always account bound.
    • Player XP cannot be shared nor traded.

Gaining Player XP Edit

  • Once a player wins a battle they will receive player XP (experience points) towards their player level.
  • Player XP can be gained by winning battles and participating in Tournaments.
    • Players can also receive bonus player XP within certain in-game chests.

Level Progression Edit

  • As the player increases in level, their health will permanently increase.
    • Due to player level being separate from player rank, health will not increase and/ or decrease alongside player rank.
  • Similarly to upgrading moves and the quantity of moves required to upgrade these moves, the amount of XP required to level up the player increases as the player level rises.
  • Player health in accordance to player level are as follows:
Level XP to next Level Health
1 20XP 1,000HP
2 70XP 1,250HP
3 250XP 1,450HP
4 700XP 1,650HP
5 1,500XP 1,900HP
6 3,000XP 2,100HP
7 5,000XP 2,300HP
8 10,000XP 2,500HP
9 25,000XP 2,750HP
10 - 3,000HP

Rewards Edit

  • Once a player gains a level, they will be rewarded for their progress and efforts within the game.
    • Certain level milestones will reward the player with a standardised reward that every player gains at that level, others are controlled via luck and drop chance.

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