Overview Edit

  • “Moves” are in game abilities which players can interact with in order to initiate attack sequences and battle against their opponent.
    • Moves are portrayed as cards in a deck within combat scenarios of Smash Supreme.
  • There are several different types of moves which can be utilised and/or unlocked within the game; in order to make them much easier to search for, understand and group, moves are separated into “move types”.
    • Moves are essential to the Smash Supreme combat system; the entire combat system essentially revolves around the use of moves and micromanaging damage required, damage taken and player/ opponent health.
  • Moves can be upgraded to increase their damage in game, though they cannot be modified.
    • Move upgrades can be unlocked via in game crates either purchased with gems or won in game.
      • Furthermore, moves can only be upgraded within the deck editor screen, accessible through the Main Menu.

Using Moves Within Combat Edit

  • As previously mentioned, moves are displayed through cards within Smash Supreme allowing for the construction (and deconstruction!) of decks.
  • Deck modification can be done during the deck editor, it is here that the user can choose which moves will be available to them within their next battle.
    • To use a move during combat, the user must simply tap on the move whilst it is on screen (in their hand).
      • There are only ever 3 moves on screen (in the players hand) at one time, unless the player's special bar is full, in which case their special move will also be visible (and usable) within their hand.
      • The speed, damage, warmup times etc. are entirely dependant on the move itself; each move has it's own move type and list of stats.

Move Types Edit

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