• As an online competitive fighting game, Smash Supreme largely revolves around PvP (player vs player) and PvE (player vs AI) combat.
    • Players can enter battles against either AI NPCs (non playable characters) or other players of a similar player skill level online quickly and easily at any player skill level.
      • New battles can be triggered as easily as pushing 1 button (the "Fight!" button, to be exact!) from within the Main Menu.
  • Combat begins almost instantaneously upon opening the game for the first time with the initiation of the tutorial practice battles.

Entering a Battle Edit

  • Each battle consists of exactly 3 rounds; players must win the majority of these three rounds in order to win the battle.
    • Round wins are symbolised by the addition of a victory icon located underneath a users special bar.
      • More information regarding battles can be found within the battles page!
  • If a user wishes to battle against another player, they must select the "Fight!" button within the Main Menu to begin a ranked PvP battle.
    • All battles are ranked to ensure that players consistently play with opponents of a similar skill level.

Battle Sequence Edit

  • Players must micromanage several different aspects within a battle in regards to both their character and their opponent in order to aid their chance of defeating their opponent, winning the battle and improving their rank.

Health Edit

  • The quantity of health a player has is dependant on the player's level.
    • Players must level up by playing (and hopefully, winning!) battles, competing in tournaments, completing raids and earning XP in crates to increase the quantity of health they have in battle.
      • Health increases by level can be seen over on the player leveling page!
  • Player health can be regained during battle with such moves as HealBot.
  • If a player's health runs out completely (falls to zero), they will ultimately be Knocked out and therefor lose the current round.
  • Alternatively, if the opponents life falls to zero, the player is announced as the winner and is rewarded with a crate and a star towards their ranked progression.

Attacking an Opponent Edit

  • To attack an opponent during a battle, the user must select which moves they will attack their opponent with.
    • Moves vary in quality and the amount of damage a move will do with vary on factors such as:
  • Player's will consistently have 4 moves within their deck, with the exception of special moves which appear situationally.
  • Once a player uses a move, regardless of whether it lands, is cancelled or is interrupted - the move will enter a cooldown state.
    • During the cool down time, a new move will begin to enter the 4 slot rotation replacing the move currently cooling down.
      • During the cooldown state of a move slot, that slot will be unusable until cool down duration of the slot has ended.
  • Once a move successfully hits the player, a chunk of damage will be removed from their health, and vice versa.
    • When a player/ opponents life reaches zero (runs out), they will be knocked out and the battle is therefor resolved.

Resolution/ Knockout! Edit

  • In order for a battle to be resolved and a winner/ loser to be determined, one of the two (or two of the 4 if in a 2 vs 2 PvP battle) must be knocked out.
  • Once a battle has been resolved and the player/ their opponent has been knocked out, the end screen will pop up with the result relevant to the user.
    • The winner of the formerly active match will receive loot, whilst the loser will simply receive a small amount of XP (experience points, see Player Levelling) and if they are playing PvP, lose a star.
      • Once a player wins a match they will receive a crate, some XP and a star to help them with their ranked progression.

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