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  • Guilds are a social space within Smash Supreme where players can join a private or public community and chat, fight or collaborate with other players!
  • Guilds are a purchasable social hub for all players.
    • Guilds cost a total of 1,000 gold.
    • Players residing within a guild may be given a variety of different roles (each with different permissions) to help share the responsibilities and help the guild prosper!
  • Players can only be in a single guild at any one time.


  • Guilds are a feature within Smash Supreme players can utilise to play, communicate and strategise with their peers and/ or likeminded players within the game.
  • Guilds are limited to a total of 50 members.
  • Guilds cost a small fee to create and can be created at any point past the tutorial.
  • Guilds are private; users cannot see what is being discussed or joinable sessions within the guild unless they are apart of that guild.
    • Guilds can be joined via invitation or request.

Creating a guild

  • It costs a one time payment of 1,000 gold to create a guild.
    • The user that has paid the guild creation fee will automatically be made leader upon creation.
      • Guild roles can later be changed.
  • Players cannot make a guild if they are already a member of a different guild.

Guild Formats

  • There are several different elements a Leader can edit and apply to a guild during guild creation to change the availability of the guild to other members.
    • Guild formats and their effects are as follows:

Open Anyone can join open guilds provided they meet the required guild specifics ie/ minimum amount of rounds won.
Invite Only Players can request to join in hope that they are accepted by a Sensei, Co-Leader or Leader; anyone with the power to accept or decline invites.
Closed No-one can join this guild unless they are personally invited - Closed to the public.

Guild (Member) Roles

  • Once a guild has been created, certain members of a guild can change the roles of other members within the guild to create a hierarchy of players.
    • The higher the role of the player, the more permissions (the more aspects of the guild they can change) they will have.
  • Guild roles are as follows:

Role Permissions
Leader The highest position within a clan and will therefore have the most responsibility and be able to make the most decisions:
  • Invite players to the guild
  • Accept and decline guild requests
  • Promote other members to: Co-Leader and Sensai
  • Demote themselves as leader
  • Send guild messages
  • Trigger weekly events
Co-Leader Often given to peers of the Leader, the Co-leader has more responsibilities than the Sensei but less than the Leader:
  • Invite players to the guild
  • Accept players into the guild
  • Promote new co-leaders
  • Promote (and demote) new Sensei
  • Kick Senseis and Brawlers
  • Send guild messages
  • Trigger weekly events
Sensei Promotion from the Brawler role often given to dedicated members of the guild - more than a brawler but less than a Co-Leader and Leader:
  • Invite players to join the guild
  • Accept players into the guild
  • Kick Brawlers from the guild (30 minute cooldown)
  • Trigger weekly events
Brawler Automatic role for new guild members. Roles are guild bound and so when you join a new guild (or rejoin a previous one) you will always start as a Brawler.  

Joining a guild

  • You can join a guild at any point past tutorial completion.
    • You can only be a member of one guild at a time.
  • It is completely free to join a guild.
  • Guilds can be left at any point by selecting the "Leave" option on the top right of the Guild View.
  • Once an official member of a guild, the guild name and icon will be displayed next to the users name throughout both the player and guild Leaderboard.

Guild Play and Collaboration

  • Guild play is very highly recommended within Smash Supreme, especially for those who want to gain all of the free bonus' and loot the game has to offer.
    • Although creating a guild costs a small creation fee, joining a guild is a completely free practice and will never cost players who aren't the creator of a guild anything.
  • It may be helpful for players wishing to join a guild to use the search function to narrow down which guilds have spaces free for them to fill rather than manually filter through a list of possibly full guilds.

Donations and Requests

  • Aside from within crates, moves can also be gained via guild requests.
    • Once inside a guild, members can request moves from their fellow guild members who in turn gain gold and player XP in exchange for their generosity!
  • There is a cooldown for card requests dependant on the cards rarity.
  • Legendary cards cannot be donated at any point

Screen Shot 2017-06-21 at 14.56.27

Donation Rewards

  • For being a good and helping out their fellow guild members, players will receive a small bundle of rewards for donating moves to peers.
  • Donation rewards (player XP and Gold) are displayed to the left hand side of the guild chat panel as shown above!
  • Donation rewards work as follows:

Donation Rarity XP Reward Gold Reward
1 5
10 50
10 500
- -

Daily donation limit

Player PvP Rank Donation Limit Request Limit
1-3 8 Common or 1 Rare 40 Common or 1 Rare
4-6 6 Common or 1 Rare 30 Common or 3 Rare
7-8 4 Common or 1 Rare 20 Common or 2 Rare
9-10 2 Common or 1 Rare 10 Common or 1 Rare
11 1 Common or 1 Rare 10 Common or 1 Rare

Guild Score

  • Guild score is calculated in response to members and their ranks within the guild; the higher the guild score, the higher the average player skill within that guild:
Member Rank Weight (of the total)
1-10 50%
11-20 25%
21-30 12%
31-40 10%
41-50 3%

Guild Communication

Guild Chat

  • Once you have become a member of a guild, you can access and contribute to the guild chat!
    • In the case that you leave a guild, you can no longer access, view or contribute to that guild's communications.
  • Guild chat is exclusive to members of that guild.
  • This form of communication is great for sharing hints, tips and strategies!

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