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  • Dyes are a form of cosmetic customisation within the game users can apply to characters to give them a differing appearance from the standard character skin/ colour scheme.
    • Dyes are colour schemes which can be textured directly onto certain areas of a character.
      • Areas are split into primary and secondary sections.
  • Dyes come in a variety of different colours; rarer dyes may even come with particle effects integrated as part of the dye such as fire and glow effects.
  • Each character model has a number of different areas which the player can alter and customise with the use of dyes.

How to Acquire Dyes

  • Dyes can be acquired via crate unlocks
    • Crates can be both purchased and/ or obtained as a reward for winning a battle or progressing through a raid.
      • Dyes can be looted from ANY of the crates obtainable within the game.

How to Apply Dyes

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  • Dyes can be applied within the dye customisation menu only.
    • The dye customisation menu is integrated alongside the emoji customisation menu accessible from the main page.
  • Dyes are split into two separate sections; primary and secondary, each covering different areas of a character.
    • Once a dye is unlocked, the colour will be available for both the primary and secondary sections of a character.
  • Once the player has selected a colour scheme, the game will autosave the choice and the player can continue their play session.
    • Dyes can be selected and changed as many times as desired.
      • Dyes can be applied onto all unlocked characters within the game.

Character Zones

  • Every character in the game has 2 colour zones associated with them.
    • These zones determine what aspects of the character will be effected by dyes.
  • The location of each colour zone is different depending on the brawler.

Dye Rarities

  • Dyes come in a variety of different colours; the rarer a dye is the more desirable and/or complex the dye may be.
  • There are 4 levels of dye rarity, common, rare, epic and legendary - more details on loot rarity can be found via the rarity page.

Currently Available Dyes

Icon Dye Name How to Obtain Rarity
Stonewash Unlocked after tutorial completion.
Trail Dust Unlocked after tutorial completion.
Alpine Green Unlocked after tutorial completion.
Beetroot Unlocked after tutorial completion.
Westo Coral Unlocked after tutorial completion.
Rainstorm Unlocked after tutorial completion.
Blue Spinel Unlocked after tutorial completion.
Dog Egg Unlocked after tutorial completion.
Roast Beef Obtained within crates. Common
Burnt Plum Obtained within crates. Common
Order of Patonia Obtained within crates. Common
Tangerine Obtained within crates. Common
Outpost 5 Tech Obtained within crates. Rare
Melba Obtained within crates. Rare
Lemon and Lime Obtained within crates. Rare
Bison Blood Obtained within crates. Rare
Cowabunga Obtained within crates. Epic
Sunburst Obtained within crates. Epic
Hadooken Obtained within crates. Epic
The Crimson Fist Obtained within crates. Epic
Marble White Obtained within crates. Legendary
Interstellar Black Obtained within crates. Legendary
Smash Black Obtained within crates. Legendary
Smash White Obtained within crates. Legendary