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  • Decks are a mechanic within Smash Supreme which separates character moves into smaller, more specialised groups.
  • Moves within an active deck will be the only moves accessible within battle.
    • In order to access more/ other moves in battle, players must first change their active deck.
      • Changing which decks are active can only be done whilst the player is not currently active within a game mode.
  • Decks are character bound and so change depending on the active character.
  • Each character has a total of 1 available changeable deck featuring a number of neutral and class specific moves to suit each player's play style and overall preference.
    • Decks can be edited within the dojo at any time as long as the user is not active in an active game mode.
      • Each deck can have up to 8 moves.

Changing Decks

  • In order to change the active deck, the player must simply tap on the desired character icon in the deck editor menu (accessible through the main menu).
    • Changing active decks in turn results in a change in active character.
  • Players can swap and change decks at any point through the Main Menu.

Upgrading Decks

  • Decks cannot be directly upgraded.
    • In order to make decks stronger, players will need to upgrade moves by selecting them from within the Dojo.
      • The higher the average move level - the stronger the deck.
      • Furthermore, move rarity should also be taken into consideration when referring to deck strength.
      • More information regarding move upgrades can be found within the upgrading moves page.