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  • There are several different features within Smash Supreme which enable user customisation for a much more personalised experience.
    • Customisation is a huge part of Smash Supreme and a large majority of the core elements to the game such as communication, characters and combat moves can be customised!
  • Customisation items come in a variety of different rarities and appearances.

Customisation Types

There are two different customisation types within Smash Supreme;
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  • Cosmetic customisations refer to all obtainable items within the game which can be applied to a move/ character.
    • These include:

Non-Cosmetic (Permentant)

  • Non-cosmetic (also referred to as permanent unlocks) include anything which when unlocked, is available to interact with and is integrated into the users game account.

How to Acquire Customisations

  • Both cosmetic and non-cosmetic customisations can be acquired via crates obtained by achieving in game accomplishments or alternatively, purchased via the in game shop.
  • Seasonal customisations may also be purchased through the in game shop for a limited time.
    • Seasonal customisations are more expensive than the crates they are available in as the one time customisation purchases are a guaranteed unlock.