• Currency is a form of player reward within the game, much like crates.
    • There are currently two different forms of currency within Smash Supreme; Gold (Soft Currency) and Gems (Hard Currency).
  • Currency can be used to upgrade moves, purchase a different form of currency, purchase items from the shop such as moves and crates or alternatively, put away for a rainy day!
    • Certain aspects within Smash Supreme will require a certain form of currency and not allow the other, this is something to be taken into consideration before any payments are made.
    • Smash Supreme does not allow refunds.


  • Gems are the premium (hard) currency purchasable within Smash Supreme.
    • Gems can be used to purchase items within the in game shop, converted into gold (soft currency) or to speed up crate timer duration.
  • Gems are the only way players can purchase one time premium continues (revives) for use within PvE game modes.


  • Gold is the soft currency which can be earnt by participating in a variety of different game modes within Smash Supreme.