• Reward crates are a form of reward obtainable within Smash Supreme containing a variety of different types of loot such as cosmetic loot (skins, dyes, fighter equipment) and permanent loot (brawlers, moves).
    • Battles won within training and/ or guild matches are not rewarded with crates.

Acquisition Edit

  • One crate is rewarded every time the player wins a battle.
  • A victory crate is rewarded every time the player wins 10 battles within PvP game modes.
  • Once training has completed (every x mins) the player is rewarded with a training crate.
  • Crates can be also purchased from the in-game shop via microtransactions.

Timers Edit

  • Each crate type has it's own timer; players will be unable to obtain the loot until the crate duration has passed.
    • Players can speed up the crate timer by using gems to complete the duration early.
  • The closer the duration is to competition, the cheaper it will be to end it early.

Details Edit

Crate Types Edit

Main menu shop btn 1
  • There are a variety of different crates obtainable within Smash Supreme, each with different chances of giving loot of differing rarity!
    • Certain crates may only give one type of loot, for example, a cosmetic crate will only give cosmetic loot such as character dyes and skins
      • For more information on rarity, see Rarities.
Smash Supreme Crate Rewards
Crate Type Price (If Applicable) Timer Duration
Common Crate N/A
Rare Crate N/A
Jumbo Crate 250 Gems
Legendary Crate 350 Gems
Incredible Crate 1700 Gems
Jumbo Crate N/A
Training Crate N/A
Victory Crate N/A

Victory Crate Edit

  • A Victory Crate is rewarded to players once they have won a total of 10 PvP battles.
    • Victory Crates are limited to one per day, once a victory crate has been opened it will begin a 24 hour cooldown.
  • Victory Crates can be found within the Main Menu.

Training Crate Edit

  • Unlike the Victory Crate, the training crate requires nothing from the player and instead appears every x time.
  • Training Crates can be found within the Main Menu.

Duplicates Edit

  • If a reward crate contains an item/ items that is already within the player's collection, the player will instead be rewarded with gold.
    • Duplication compensation only applies to cosmetic items and brawlers as move duplications can be used within upgrading.
      • Compensation for items is dependant on the rarity of the item rather than the item type, as below:
Duplicate Rarity Compensation
x Gold
x Gold
x Gold
x Gold

Trivia Edit

  • There is the possibility for seasonal and event specific reward crates entering the game within a later patches.

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