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Overview Edit

  • Smash Supreme has a number of streaming options for users to record, save and/ or stream their gameplay to an audience with ease so no moment ever has to go unseen.
    • Smash Supreme's streaming capabilities are compatible with a large majority of the major platforms within the video game streaming market including Mobcrush and YouTube.
      • All compatible platforms can both record and stream gameplay without ever having to open another application.
  • Players can watch other Smash Supreme broadcasts from within the game via the broadcasting icon on the Main Menu.
    • Watching broadcasts of players of a higher rank allows for viewers to gain insight on different play styles and strategies of perhaps more skilled players.
      • During a broadcast spectators can communicate and discuss the game with other players watching the game from the same platform via both text chat and emojis.
  • Broadcasters can let people know when they are going live by sharing their fight details on social media, which users of the platform can select and be redirected to watch.
    • Furthermore, people whom have saved (and possibly edited!) previous fights can also share their videos via social media platforms.

Broadcasting Platforms Edit

  • With more services to be integrated in the future!

Spectating a Broadcast Edit

Broadcast Communication Edit

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How to Begin Broadcasting & Save Gameplay Footage Edit

  • Once the game is open, the record icon will be forever present on the top right hand side of the screen.
    • Users can toggle the recording menu at any time by selecting the record icon.
      • Once the recording menu is open, the player will have two options:

Broadcast Live! Edit

  • Broadcast gameplay (and mic/ camera if enabled) live to an compatible broadcasting platform such as YouTube, Mobcrush or Periscope.
  • Broadcasting can be cancelled at any time by either toggling the record icon once more, or closing down the application.

Save Footage Edit

  • Users can save footage onto their phone's primary storage option for later use or porting to another system quickly and easily.
  • Once the user selects "save footage" from the toggled menu, they will be prompted as to where to save the file, and what the file should be called.
  • Saved footage is available immediately after the file has been saved.