• Brawlers are the playable characters within Smash Supreme.
    • There are currently 4 playable characters within the game.
  • The brawlers within Smash Supreme each come with a minimum of 2 class specific moves usable only by specific brawlers.
  • Although some brawlers such as Finn are available from the beginning, other characters such as Mia must be unlocked through opening crates.


Thief front





Recruiting New Characters Edit

  • New characters can be recruited through opening one of the several different reward crates rewarded to players for winning battles.
    • Brawlers cannot be unlocked within customisation crates as brawlers are permanent unlocks, not customisable features.
  • With each newly recruited brawler, comes an entirely new move set exclusive to them, these moves are called class specific moves.
  • The first character to be recruited is Finn whom is unlocked upon completion of the tutorial.

Customisation Edit

  • Several different customisable options can be applied to brawlers such as Skins, Dyes, and Fighter Attachments to change the appearance and statistical values of the fighters.
    • Cosmetic items can be unlocked via several different types of crates.
      • Players are most likely to receive a cosmetic item from within a cosmetic crate.

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